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  • The Essential Holiday Road Trip Checklist


    For many Australians, summer is the ideal time to hit the road. You might be heading down the coast, heating things up in on an interstate city break or opting for an outback adventure. Wherever you roam, it’s important that you plan ahead. Here’s your essential holiday road trip checklist to help! How to prepare […]

  • 4 Key Signs That Your Air Filter Needs Replacing


    The air filter is one of the smaller parts, but it has a key job preventing dust and debris from entering the engine – and that directly impacts on performance. If you know your way around your car, changing the air filter is a relatively quick job. The trick is knowing what to look out […]

  • Classic Car Parts for Aussie Favourites


    Australians love their cars … and we have plenty we call classics. Here are a few of our all-time favourite vehicles – and where to find the classic car parts to keep them in pristine condition! Audi Quattro For years, names like Ford Escort and Lancia Stratos dominated rally driving. That all changed in the […]