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Timing belts provides a synchronous drive for cam drive pulleys and balance shafts in the engine. They are controlled by tension and guide idler pulleys that keep the belt at the correct tension. Timing belt failure will leave an engine disabled, or, with interference engines, cause severe damage. As all the parts wear together over time they should be changed every 100,000 kms or 5 years. A timing belt kit is the complete solution. From tension pulleys with an eccentric to modern systems with hydraulic or mechanical attenuation, the Optibelt SUR product range includes all the necessary components.


We stock a range of timing belt kits from Optibelt, an established OEM supplier.

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Optibelt is one of the world’s leading belt manufacturers, so you can be assured of quality and durability. They are the choice of leading luxury car manufacturers including Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Renault and Mercedes Benz.

The matched materials provide a composite belt that is abrasion resistant and therefore both durable and high performance. It contains stretch-free tension members and resistant elastomers.

The repair kits are made of optimally aligned components – including ribbed belts and associated tension and guide idler pulleys – to allow a complete change at one time.


All components of Optibelt timing kits are selected and assembled to the highest quality standards.

All of our suppliers are audited for quality materials and reliability.

All have qualified for ISO:9001 or TS:16949 certification


All components of Optibelt timing kits are selected and assembled to the highest quality OEM standards. An ‘I’ve been changed’ sticker allows the replaced components to be marked and also distinguishes between the belt, tension pulleys and idler pulleys.
The kit provides

  • High efficiency
  • Maximum durability and operational safety
  • High resistance to abrasion, heat and cold
  • High tensile strength and length stability

A change sticker allows you to tick off the components you have replaced and differentiates between belts, tension and guide idler pulleys Changing all components at once is safer and more efficient.


Optibelt Timing Kits have the same warranty period as an OEM kit on their recommended service intervals.


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