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  • Pain in the Pothole: Which Parts of a Car Suffer Most?

    In a perfect world we’d cruise on silky-smooth roads with no part of a car experiencing stress, the tyres softly humming on the asphalt. In reality, driving can be like sitting on a jackhammer as the vehicle lurches through potholes the size of Krakatoa. But what damage is a pothole really doing, and which parts […]

  • The 4 Car Parts You Can’t Forget when Checking Your Car

    Most people are aware of the need for a regular service to check car parts and components and replace anything that’s damaged or worn. Whether you do it yourself or get a professional, a detailed check will help keep your vehicle running beautifully – and save you extra dollars down the track if a small […]

  • The Demise of Holden and Auto Parts Availability

    This year saw the end of the production line for Australian car manufacturer Holden, raising concerns about the ongoing availability of auto parts. But those concerns are unfounded, thanks to Holden’s legacy. The cars continue to be a familiar sight on our roads, and their popularity over the last 72 years means parts are in […]