5 Top Tips to Improve Fuel Economy

  • 5 Top Tips to Improve Fuel Economy / Transgold

At Transgold, we know that cutting spending on quality car parts is never a good idea… but cutting the petrol bill is another matter entirely!

With some planning – and smart driving – there are ways to make your fuel go further. Here are our top five tips to improve fuel economy, and save.

1. Drive smooth

One of the simplest ways to conserve fuel is to maintain a steady speed. Ease up on the accelerator once you’re at a steady pace. And remember that faster is definitely not better where petrol is concerned. Driving just a few kilometres slower than your usual pace can help reduce fuel consumption over the long term.

2. Drive smart

Get to know your car’s features and how they impact on fuel consumption. If you have power and economy transmission, opt for economy mode. Use cruise control if you have it. And stop switching on the air conditioner every time you jump in the driving seat. All of these steps can help reduce wear on your car parts and improve fuel economy.

5 Top Tips to Improve Fuel Economy / Transgold

3. Plan your ride

Planning is one of the best ways to cut back on fuel. Spend what seems like hours idling at traffic lights? That’s cutting into your petrol use dramatically. Reconsider your need to drive when you do. Take public transport or drive in off-peak times. And if you have two cars, the smaller one will provide much better fuel economy.

4. Service regularly

To improve fuel economy, it’s also important to maintain your vehicle. A regular service will help ensure your engine is tuned for optimum performance, you have correct wheel alignment, and fuel and ignition systems are functioning correctly. Change your oil and check your tyre pressure regularly too. If you inflate just slightly higher than your vehicle manual suggests, it may aid in fuel economy.

5. A final trick to improve fuel economy

Our final tip? Check what’s in the boot. A heavy load may be adding to vehicle lag and chewing more fuel!

5 Top Tips to Improve Fuel Economy / Transgold

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