4 Key Signs That Your Air Filter Needs Replacing

  • 4 Key Signs That Your Air Filter Needs Replacing / Transgold

The air filter is one of the smaller parts, but it has a key job preventing dust and debris from entering the engine – and that directly impacts on performance. If you know your way around your car, changing the air filter is a relatively quick job. The trick is knowing what to look out for – so you make the change on time.

As a general rule, filters need changing around every 12 months or 15,000 kilometres, but if you drive on dirt roads in rural areas, that figure can decrease significantly. Here are the top five signs that your air filter needs replacing.

1. A dirty or damaged filter

This one may be obvious- if you can see dirt or damage on your filter, it may need a change. Look for discolouration, a build-up of debris or any damage to the filter material. Filters can be removed and cleaned but if there’s excessive dirt, the safest option is to replace it.

2. Poor performance

If you notice the accelerator is slow to respond or your car simply feels sluggish, it could be the air filter. Any build-up of dirt, dust or even pollen can lead to a blockage which prevents oxygen entering the engine – and fuel needs oxygen to burn.

4 Key Signs That Your Air Filter Needs Replacing / Transgold

3. Poor fuel efficiency

This isn’t such an issue in new cars but older vehicles and cars that run on diesel may experience poor fuel efficiency with a blocked air filter. If that happens, your best option is to check the air filter first. If it’s dirty or damaged, that may be the culprit.

4. Smoke or stench

If you see black smoke coming from your vehicle, or notice an unpleasant burning smell, your car is running rich. That means there’s too much fuel in the engine combustion chamber, and not enough air. There are a few causes including defective oxygen or airflow sensors… or a blocked air filter.

Keeping on top of your air filter

It might not seem like one of the more important engine parts, but the air filter definitely has a key job. Transgold has a range of air filters, so when you need a replacement, we’re here to help!

4 Key Signs That Your Air Filter Needs Replacing / Transgold