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  • Audi’s Electronically Controlled Engine Mount

    Audi’s reputation is built on its precision technology, such as its electronically controlled engine mount. Technological innovation is hard-wired into the company motto: ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (progress through technology). Perhaps it’s no surprise that the Audi obsession with monitoring, calibrating and optimising every element of a car extends to how the engine connects to the […]

  • What is a Hydraulic Engine Mount and How Does it Work?

    Engine mounts perform the key functions of holding the engine in place and isolating vibration – so they need to be robust and high performance. There are several different types of engine mounts available. Here’s a quick guide to hydraulic engine mounts, and how they differ from other types of mounts. How hydraulic engine mounts […]

  • 5 Warning Signs You Need to Check Your Engine Mounts

    Engine mounts do quite a bit more than just hold your engine in place. They provide a buffer between the engine and the vehicle body, absorbing noise and vibration to help ensure a smoother ride. As with many other vehicle parts, there are warning signs when the engine mounts are failing. Here’s what to look […]