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  • Classic Car Parts for Aussie Favourites

    Australians love their cars … and we have plenty we call classics. Here are a few of our all-time favourite vehicles – and where to find the classic car parts to keep them in pristine condition! Audi Quattro For years, names like Ford Escort and Lancia Stratos dominated rally driving. That all changed in the […]

  • Car Restoration Tips: The Car Parts You Need to Consider

    So you’re thinking of restoring a car? First things first. Any restoration needs a full plan, including a budget, timeframe and a definitive list of car parts that need replacing. Here are a few tips for the parts to consider, from engine components to suspension. Assessing the engine The engine is the heart of your […]

  • 5 Warning Signs You Need to Check Your Engine Mounts

    Engine mounts do quite a bit more than just hold your engine in place. They provide a buffer between the engine and the vehicle body, absorbing noise and vibration to help ensure a smoother ride. As with many other vehicle parts, there are warning signs when the engine mounts are failing. Here’s what to look […]