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  • Automotive Parts and Accessories Sales – And Other Fun Facts


    We love the auto industry – it’s our livelihood and our passion. If for some reason you’re not completely in love with auto like we are, then we’ve compiled some fun facts to convince you just how amusing and amazing it really is! First up, our sector of the industry, the automotive parts and accessories […]

  • The State of the Automotive Parts Aftermarket in Australia


    The automotive parts aftermarket in Australia is a strong sector. According to the federal government, the market is worth around $8 billion, and employs more than 18,000 workers. Let’s take a look at what the market involves, and a couple of the current trends. First, what do we mean by the automotive parts aftermarket? The […]

  • Electric Vehicle Parts and Charging: Is This Our Future?


    The first introduction of electric vehicles suggested an exciting future ahead, but it’s still not a reality for most drivers. That might soon change however, with global electric car sales gaining traction, prices on the way down and major manufacturers ramping up production of electric and hybrid models. There are definitely financial and environmental benefits […]