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  • Electric Vehicle Parts and Charging: Is This Our Future?


    The first introduction of electric vehicles suggested an exciting future ahead, but it’s still not a reality for most drivers. That might soon change however, with global electric car sales gaining traction, prices on the way down and major manufacturers ramping up production of electric and hybrid models. There are definitely financial and environmental benefits […]

  • Is Your Car Ready for the Holiday Road Trip?


    It’s the great Aussie tradition – hitting the road over summer and heading off on adventures unknown! Just as you’ve probably discovered in trips past, preparation goes a long way towards a successful holiday, and we’re not just talking pre-planned itineraries and accommodation. A thorough check of your vehicle helps ensure that you and your […]

  • It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three — All You Need Is Your Local Mechanic!

    The Importance of Rubber Maintenance Rubber is a completely natural substance, and this pliable material finds its way into thousands of different products. It’s so common and sought after that manufacturers now make synthetic rubber as an alternative material, simply because nature can’t produce enough rubber for our needs. All rubber, whether it’s natural or […]