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  • DIY Car Repairs: How to Inspect Your Rubber Bushings

    Rubber bushings are a key part of your vehicle’s suspension, helping to ensure a smooth ride every time you hit the road. Good quality ones will last significantly longer than cheap versions, but no bushing will last for the life of a vehicle. To know when to replace the bushings, you’ll need to keep an […]

  • Symptoms of Worn Engine Mounts

    Engine mounts play a key role in any vehicle, by holding the engine in place and helping to absorb engine vibration. While they are made from steel and rubber designed to withstand force, they do have a lot of weight to carry, so they will wear and need replacing from time to time. The symptoms […]

  • A Quick Guide to Suspension Bush Kits for 4WDs

    Your 4WD suspension has a lot to contend with, particularly if you like to get a long way off the beaten track! Every time you hit a pothole or climb a rocky slope, the suspension takes the load, so it’s important that you have quality components, and that you know what to look out for […]