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  • What do Transmission kits do?

    Thousands of parts make up your vehicle. A problem in even one of these parts can cause substantial problems, but few issues can compete with a failing engine or transmission. Should either engine or transmission fail, it may be the end of your vehicle. A total transmission repair can cost thousands of dollars, which is […]

  • The Importance of a Reliable Transmission Kit

    Your car’s transmission kit is responsible for distributing the right amount of power to your wheels. This happens by shifting gears in a more complex fashion of what you see on multi-speed bicycles. When the chain of a bicycle is off, it won’t go, and when the chain is in high gear, it becomes difficult […]

  • 4WD Suspension – A smooth ride in rocky terrain

    When a car manufacturer builds four-wheel drive vehicles, the settings of the suspension are chosen for optimum comfort of potential drivers. However, these median settings are not ideal for all drivers, particularly those who frequently drive in the outback and on general rough roads. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy a smoother ride, you […]