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  • How Does a Cabin Air Filter Work?

    There are plenty of vehicle functions we take for granted, one of which is fresh air when we want it. To have fresh air inside your vehicle, you need to keep your air-conditioning system in good order and replace your cabin air filter when required. The purpose of a cabin air filter and where it’s located […]

  • Transmission Basics: How a Transmission Filter Works

    The transmission is a vital part of your vehicle – it’s responsible for channelling power from the engine to the wheels. A faulty or blocked transmission will affect your fuel economy. If it stops working entirely, your car or 4WD won’t be going anywhere. The key to a high-performance transmission is a transmission filter and […]

  • A Simple Guide to Rubber Suspension for Your Vehicle

    A vehicle’s suspension is a critical factor in ensuring a smooth, safe ride and good handling. If you’ve experienced any response issues with the steering, or increased vibration while driving, it’s a good idea to check your suspension for wear and tear. In addition to the springs, shock absorbers and struts, one of the parts […]