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Transmission Basics: How a Transmission Filter Works

  • Transmission Basics: How a Transmission Filter Works / Transgold

The transmission is a vital part of your vehicle – it’s responsible for channelling power from the engine to the wheels.

A faulty or blocked transmission will affect your fuel economy. If it stops working entirely, your car or 4WD won’t be going anywhere.

The key to a high-performance transmission is a transmission filter and here’s what you need to know about it.

About the transmission filter

The filter is a key part of the transmission system, designed to prevent metal shavings from the gears, and other dirt and debris, from contaminating the transmission fluid.

It sits between the transmission pan (that collects excess fluid) and the tube that regulates the transmission fluid pressure. Essentially it consists of a metal plate with mesh-type inserts that prevent contaminants from entering the transmission and causing wear and tear.

The other components of the transmission include the rubber gasket that seals the transmission filter to the pan, the pickup tube that connects it to the oil pump; and a seal that sits between the pickup tube and transmission case.

When to change one

Car manufacturers provide guidelines about when to change a filter, so check your manual. On average, it’s likely to be between 80,000 and 100,000km but this will depend on a range of factors, including how often you drive and the terrain you drive through (harsher conditions will need a more frequent change).

There are also some signs that might indicate it’s time for a filter change including noise, leakage, a burning smell, difficulty changing gears, or if the transmission fluid turns dark.

How to go about it

When your transmission filter – or fluid – needs a change, the simplest step is to purchase a transmission filter kit that contains the filter, gasket, pickup tube and seal. You’ll need to drain the fluid, and remove and replace the parts.

Time for a transmission filter kit?

We stock a huge range of components including transmission kits that contain the transmission filter and everything else needed to keep your car or 4WD functioning at its best. If you haven’t used one before, we also have experts available to provide advice where needed, check out the dealers here.

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