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A Simple Guide to Rubber Suspension for Your Vehicle

  • A Simple Guide to Rubber Suspension for Your Vehicle / Transgold

A vehicle’s suspension is a critical factor in ensuring a smooth, safe ride and good handling. If you’ve experienced any response issues with the steering, or increased vibration while driving, it’s a good idea to check your suspension for wear and tear.

In addition to the springs, shock absorbers and struts, one of the parts that might need replacing are the bushes.

While you have a couple of options in terms of component materials for bushes, we believe sticking with the original rubber is the best. After all, rubber was the same material used in your car and is deemed the most suitable by all the OEM car makers.

Rubber basics

The suspension mounts or bushes provide a cushioning interface between the engine and the body. They help to stabilise the engine, keep it in place and reduce wear and tear.

As a general rule, bushes usually need replacing at least every 80,000 kilometres – sooner if you drive rough terrain frequently.

Why rubber?

Rubber is naturally soft, supportive and malleable, making it an ideal impact-absorbing material. This means it works well at reducing both road noise and vibration.

Unlike other materials, rubber mounts don’t need greasing and they won’t squeak. Overall, rubber provides reliable performance and it’s relatively quick and easy for a professional to install. More reasons why car makers use rubber in the first place.

When to replace suspension components

In addition to increased vibration, there are a few other indicators that your suspension components might be on the way out. These include feeling every bump or pothole in the road, your vehicle lurching or drifting out of alignment while turning and uneven tire wear.

Getting it right

If you need more details on rubber suspension components or any other parts or services, you can find a dealer here. We’re experts in rubber, and we’ll give you all the facts so you can choose the best option to keep your car or 4WD running smoothly.

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