Quality Drive Belt Products to suit your Customers

Quality Drive Belt Products

Drive belts are the components that make different parts of your car operate efficiently. In fact, without a drive belt, your alternator, water pump, and even power steering wouldn’t function correctly. The drive belt powers different engine components by creating friction between the belt and the pulley.

Drive belts were primarily designed to handle the mechanical requirements between two fixed distances. As parts begin to move, the drive belt holds tension and creates a friction force between two fixed distances in order to facilitate movement. This tension force is the key reason why loose belts cause many problems in mechanical equipment.

Transgold believes the Optibelt range is of the highest quality and distributes their products to the Australian market.

Types of Drive Belts

Ribbed belts

Ribbed belts are specially designed to meet mechanical requirements for fixed distances between the setup. The ribbed belts provide strong elasticity and higher resistance for the proper functioning of equipment.

Round Section Belts

Round-section belts are designed for long transport distances where low stretch and high tension is required within the system. Round section belts distributed by Transgold are made of polyester tension cords to offer high resistance during their application. A special manufacturing process is required to manufacturer these round-section belts from polyutherane.

Timing Belts

Timing belts are specifically designed to handle high-speed drives that carry a variety of load sizes. They are therefore designed for high endurance and flexibility so as to handle high or low demands. For example, the Optibelt Omega HP is a high-performance timing belt that is designed with improved materials for advanced process engineering.

Timing belts should be replaced every 100,00kilometers; failure to do so could leave you stranded at the side of the road should the belt snap.


V-belts are a series of belt systems that originate from the crankshaft of the engine in order to drive the alternator, power steering and water pump. V-belts are short and are less likely to slip out of position. In addition, because it is a series of belts, the malfunctioning of a single belt does not affect the entire belt system.

Turn to Transgold for all your Drive belt needs

Finding quality long-lasting drive belts and their components can be challenging. Transgold’s Optibelt range includes drive belts, v-belts and timing belt kits. You can find your closest dealer here.