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How an Oil Filter Works

When taking your vehicle in for an oil change (or doing it yourself), it is always important to change the oil filter at the same time. While the name suggests it “filters the oil,” this part does so much more. In fact, you may be surprised as to just how important a fresh oil filter is to your automobile and how it can improve the overall performance while on the road.

Moving Through the Plate Gasket

When oil pumps through your engine, it both enters and exits the oil in the tapping plate/gasket. On the outside, it simply looks like a centre hole with smaller holes around it. However, oil enters through these smaller holes around the tapping plate (the gasket) and then moves through the larger hole, which pushes up into the engine.

Anti-Drain Valve

When the engine is on, the oil continually pumps through it. However, when the engine is off oil and other fluids will settle. As the oil filter is lower to the ground than the engine, oil would flow back into it, causing it to flood. To prevent this, there is an anti-drain valve that shuts in order to prevent the oil from running back into the filter.


As your engine runs, small bits of material can accumulate and slip away from the engine, gaskets and cylinders. This is like cholesterol in your body’s arteries. Without a filter, these small chips and debris will begin to stick to a given area. Over time, this will form a blockage, preventing the oil from circulating and causing massive problems in the engine. The filter collects these small bits of debris, preventing it from continually moving through the engine. The filter is made up of a medium course microscopic cellulose fibre (or synthetic fibre). It is important to change out the filter whenever you change the oil because, like your home’s air conditioning filter, it eventually becomes corroded with debris and will no longer function properly, resulting in the debris entering your engine block, causing problems.

Having a new oil filter installed whenever you change out the oil is a must. By doing this, you’ll extend the life of your engine and keep it running smoothly for the next several thousand kilometres. With top brands such as Transgold’s OSK oil filters, it only takes a few minutes every few months to maintain and restore your vehicle’s engine.
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