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Vehicle Safety Tips: When to Replace Your Wiper Blades

  • Vehicle Safety Tips: When to Replace Your Wiper Blades / Transgold

In the midst of all the major maintenance required to keep your car safely on the road, it can be easy to overlook the need to check your windscreen wiper blades for wear and tear.

It’s important your wiper blades are in top condition to help ensure good visibility when the rain hits.

So before you head off on your summer holiday road trip, take a look at your wiper blades, and replace them if necessary.

Signs your wiper blades may need replacing

Ideally, blades should be replaced once a year, but this may need to be done more often depending on the circumstances. Not only can they wear out with use, they can also deteriorate due to weather, UV and dirt accumulation.

Some of the signs wiper blades need replacing include:

  • They fail to clear the rain from the windscreen effectively, or they behind leave streaks and marks.
  • They look torn, dry, chipped or brittle.
  • Your blades are noisy (e.g. squeaky or squealy) when in use.

Wiper blades are not an expensive item, so there is really no need to cut corners (such as by purchasing cheap inferior ones) to save money. It’s most important to get blades that are the right fit for your car and that will perform as expected.

Replacing wiper blades

Fitting new blades first involves lifting the wiper arms away from the windscreen as far as they will go, while the motor is switched off. A good tip here is to cover the windscreen with an old towel or rag, to protect it from being scratched or damaged should a wiper arm accidentally spring back.

The old blades can be removed by unclipping and sliding them off, before fitting and clipping the new ones into place.

Check yours now

Road safety is always important, so if you haven’t had a close look at your wiper blades in a while, or you have noticed streaks left behind on the windscreen after rain, it might be time for some maintenance. And don’t forget to check your rear window blade if you have one!

Check out Transgold’s range of wiper blades and refills, and our list of dealers across Australia.

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