How to Replace Engine Mounts – Step by Step

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Whether you drive a Mini or a Maserati, the engine mounts are a critical spare part – they keep the engine safely in place and ensure effortless acceleration and a smooth ride.

Here’s what you need to know about engine mounts and a step-by-step guide to installing new ones.

About engine mounts

Engine mounts are generally pretty simple, consisting of two metal components and a rubber inner. The mounts are bolted between engine and vehicle frame and they perform a dual function: holding the engine in place, and absorbing engine vibration so that shaking doesn’t spread to the rest of the vehicle.

How they wear out

The rubber inner of the engine mount is likely to be affected first. Every time you accelerate, you’re putting pressure on the mount and that can lead to wear and tear. Oil and fluids leaking onto the component won’t help either. If your engine is becoming noisier or you’re experiencing excess vibration, it may be that the mounts have cracked or started to fall apart, and that means they need to be replaced.

Replacing engine mounts

Replacing engine mounts isn’t too difficult but it can be fiddly. Always check for obstructions between engine and wall (such as crimped AC lines or radiator hoses) before you start.

  1. Raise the car using a reliable jack with blocks of wood between jack and oil pan (you can damage oil pans if you jack directly beneath them). Raise just far enough to access the engine mounts.
  2. Loosen the engine mount bolts using a long extension and universal joint. They’ll be tight, so if you’re having trouble, spray lubricant before trying again.
  3. Compare the old and new mounts to ensure they’re identically sized and transfer any heat or drip shields.
  4. Loosely bolt the mounts into place. If necessary, check the vehicle manual for torque and make sure you have the right torque wrench. Remove the jack, lower engine and finish tightening all the bolts.

Need help?

Changing engine mounts isn’t too hard if you’re confident under the hood. We can help with the right part, or if you’re after some advice, feel free to get in touch with one of our dealers. You can find your nearest store here.

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