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The Importance of a Reliable Transmission Kit

Your car’s transmission kit is responsible for distributing the right amount of power to your wheels. This happens by shifting gears in a more complex fashion of what you see on multi-speed bicycles. When the chain of a bicycle is off, it won’t go, and when the chain is in high gear, it becomes difficult to start from a stop. Your vehicle’s transmission operates similarly. Keep in mind that failing to maintain your transmission kit may eventually lead to losing fuel economy and you may be unable to drive it at all.

Importance of a Reliable Transmission Kit

The transmission kit is an important part of your car, and although the description of what it does is simple, it has other components within it that work together to ensure that your vehicle moves. For your transmission kit to remain reliable, you have to maintain it properly.

Tips in How to Maintain your Cars Transmission Kit

Remember to Check the Transmission Fluids

Although this sounds simple, checking your vehicle’s transmission fluid is an effective way to maintain the transmission system. This will give your mechanic the chance to identify problems based on the level of transmission fluid. In most cases leaks cause major transmission problems and identifying a leak is important before it turns into an expensive repair.

Let it Warm up

Take some time and wait for your car to warm up before driving and engaging gears. This is especially important during cold weather.

Don’t Miss Tune-up Appointments

If your engine is faulty, it can harm your transmission by causing it to work harder when shifting. Remember that everything in your car is connected.

Keep it Cool

When you put your car through the rough terrains and added weight, it will eventually generate heat and the excess heat can wreak havoc with your vehicle’s transmission system. You can cool down the transmission of your car by having a fan or an auxiliary cooling system installed.

Why Transgold’s Transmission Kits Stand Out

Having been in the business for over 20 years, we were one of the first companies to research and supply aftermarket filter service kits.

The benefits of our Transmission kits are that they keep the transmission operating at optimum levels, removing contaminants and ensuring clean transmission fluid flows.

The transmission filter is a vital part of the transmission system that sits above the transmission pan, which catches excess fluid, and below that a pickup tube connects to the oil pump and regulates the pressure of fluid in the transmission. The transmission filter functions as a sieve to collect contaminants like dirt and debris before sending lubricating fluid to the transmission itself.

Transgold specialises in providing reliable transmission kits.  You can check out the transmission kits here and speak with one of our dealers here if you have any questions.

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