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  • Pain in the Pothole: Which Parts of a Car Suffer Most?


    In a perfect world we’d cruise on silky-smooth roads with no part of a car experiencing stress, the tyres softly humming on the asphalt. In reality, driving can be like sitting on a jackhammer as the vehicle lurches through potholes the size of Krakatoa. But what damage is a pothole really doing, and which parts […]

  • 9 Classic Cars that Captured Australia’s Imagination


    Australia’s love affair with vehicles has included many classic cars, from off-road workhorses to city compacts. These nine machines each made a unique contribution to Australia’s motoring culture. 1. Ford Falcon XA Launched in 1972, the Ford Falcon XA was the third iteration of the Australian-made Falcon, costing $3,590 ($37,572 in today’s money). Available in […]

  • 5 Top Tips to Improve Fuel Economy


    At Transgold, we know that cutting spending on quality car parts is never a good idea… but cutting the petrol bill is another matter entirely! With some planning – and smart driving – there are ways to make your fuel go further. Here are our top five tips to improve fuel economy, and save. 1. […]